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Healthy Planet

= Healthy People

We are living in a critical juncture where the courage and will to take new paths are needed to reduce the frequency and intensity of approaching climate disasters  We must look at our interactions with our planet and each other for hopeful solutions to this crisis.

​As noted by the OECD, only a healthy planet can provide for healthy people.  If we want healthy people, we must have a healthy planet.

Sustainable Energy

Summer 2022

Tell President Biden to choose humanity over fossil fuels and declare a Climate Emergency .

CCAA supports a Corvallis Green New Deal​

Corvallis events and activities you can be involved with for Earth Week and beyond are on the Events page.

See Resources for local climate solutions and information.

Urban Biking

Get Involved

Plan, Organize, Engage

We believe you can meaningfully  contribute to considerations and actions that individually and collectively improve the health of our planet and people.

New members and organizations are invited.  Meetings tbd.  FMI:  Contact us.

Your financial support is appreciated.  See our Donations page for how to donate.

Corvallis Climate Action Alliance  

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