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Resources and Info 

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​Local Resources and Information to Combat Climate Warming

Corvallis Progressive Events Calendar

​​​Healthy Planet = Healthy People

Free coloring pages.  Download and print out.

   Plant trees, Love Bees, Support Local Businesses, please

   Healthy Planet = Healthy People

​​​​​​​​​​Resources and Information

Abundant Solar - solar ready home guide

Albany Peaceseekers "Concerned about climate change? US military's devastating impact"

Community Services Consortium Weatherization Program - low income home insulation, sealing, and assistance

Corvallis Carbon Offset Fund - carbon footprint calculators, donations benefit the global climate and local community

Corvalllis Divest from War - avoid investing in corporations producing climate destroying weapons of war.  Approved City Council Resolution 2022-49

Corvallis Transit System - fareless bus system routes and schedules

DSIRE for Oregon - Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Incentives, solar power calculator

Electrify Corvallis - replacing fossil fuel energy with clean electricity

First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op Recycling Center - accepted items

Home Energy Retrofit- Sustainable Housing Project  free retrofit clinics  retrofit description  Oregon buildings greenhouse gas emissions graph

i-Tree Tools - tree planting environmental calculator, existing tree benefit calculator, environmental tree species guide 

No Food Left Behind Corvallis - keeping good food from going to waste

​Oregon State University Extension - backyard composting, composting with worms, sheet mulching

Outdoor DIY 15 minute Eco Survey

Post Carbon Institute 'Think Resilience' free online course for making resilient communities

Saving Green Corvallis - energy efficiency program for businesses

Stop Line 3 - list of steps you can take

Sunrise Corvallis Green New Deal.  Approved City Council Resolution 2022-45


Voting info for Benton County residents 

ecoAmerica Climate Voter talking points

Interfaith Power & Light "Democracy, Values & the 2020 Election: A Reflection Guide for Faith Communities"

"The Link between Religion and Voting" 10Oct2020 Interfaith Voices article

Belligerent Optimists-Women's Rally for Justice   17Oct2020 G-T article

Climate voting guides

   "Democracy, Values & the 2020 Election: A Reflection Guide for Faith Communities"-  Interfaith Power & Light download pdf

   "Climate Voter talking points"- ecoAmerica  download pdf

Youth Climate Action Now in Corvallis - Business Food Waste Ordinance proposal


Corvallis Climate Action Alliance  

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